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It is my belief that Konami has fired most of its non-MGS teams, leaving only a single team of anime-obsessed programmers who have never actually spoken to a woman to pump out Loveplus and a basement full of drunken interns to handle its HD rehashes.
I sadly can't really disagree with that. Konami nowadays is a shadow of its former self and only seems to create good games by accident. To a lesser degree, the same could be said about Capcom.

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Yoshi's Island is ridiculously easy, replaying it now, but it's a lot of fun and has some nice design.
I've found that the difficulty of Kamek's Revenge and the additional levels included in the Gameboy Advance port more than make up for the somewhat easy main game. Yoshi's Island isn't the hardest platformer around, but it's not afraid to kick you in the face every now and again.