I have finally made my decision to buy a new desktop PC and would appreciate any suggestions as I have not bought a new system for many years and have no idea what to get!

My budget is approximately £900.00 although I could go slightly higher for the right system. I have a good monitor so for that price I'd be looking to buy a base unit, mouse and keyboard. I want to use my PC for gaming and, in particular, playing strategy and simulation games which are not available on console. I have a PS3 which I use all the time but I miss my Civilization, Crusader Kings etc and I would really like to benefit from the generally higher quality graphics that the PC provides for multi-platform games. Having said that I don't really care for the latest FPS games so I'm not needing a computer which is absolutely cutting edge. I would like the ability to upgrade in the future rather than being stuck with a unit which I would have to replace wholesale as the years roll by.

I appreciate that this may increase the price but I would only buy from either an established online retailer like Amazon or a well known chain store, preferably the latter so that I can see my system before I buy it. I live in the UK and should be able to locate all of the major shops in a fairly short distance to me.

Also, and this is very much an optional extra, I would like a PC which is easy to move and connect. I have a nice TV downstairs and it would be great to be able to easily move my PC from upstairs and connect it to the TV for those evenings when the girlfriend is out for a few hours and I can really settle in for a gaming session! I'd appreciate any advice as to cabling I'd need to buy for this purpose. My TV is an LG 42LM602t if that helps.

So, please make your recommendations. I will of course be happy to answer any queries that may help to narrow things down.


P.S. Windows 8, thoughts?