Yup. Despite my success last night the people in /P will know my frustration with proceedings in WSR BL.

@Malfious: Yeah, you may have noticed I nipped into EB fairly briefly. Kireav (spelling?) and I were discussing the state of play there during my jaunt. I thought he was doing quite a good job, but it seemed that there was just an immense amount of backseat commanders there. I really wish that people would learn to shut up and listen to their commanders, or at least put advice in a whisper or in /P.

These people have tags for a reason and EB is enough of a clusterfuck when we have SM without every idiot who thinks that they're qualified (yet don't have a tag) barking orders in /T. I actually like it when you guys tell me shit privately because otherwise I'm just one guy randomly running around the map without any indication where our enemies are.

Yet the only thing worse than everyone speaking in /T is when no one at all pays attention to /T.

All that said, just because someone has a blue tag it doesn't make them worth following for that reason alone. Val is the epitome of this - Hell, I remember him asking what Quaggan camps do a week ago in /T. It tells you in the damn WvWvW tutorial!

Before his hiatus, Nidhogg of [VS] said some wise words in one of the Monday night Mumble meetings about how people should pick and choose their commanders and, if they don't like them, they should just fuck off and do their own thing. I agreed with that and I think it's your responsibility to think whether the blue tag you're following is worth trusting and commanders win trust by showing their skill. After trust and the commander has demonstrated that they're actually competent, you can start figuring out whether that particular commander fits with your own playstyle.