Spent 20 minutes try to assemble some sort of coherent thought and failed.

It basically sums up as: "Go away and leave us alone, all of you. We were doing fine before you lot came and ruined it with your numbers and your 24 hour coverage and your corrections* to our method of play. Oh, and that bit where you said you didn't want to be an arsehole? You failed buddy, good and hard. But that's okay, because the brainless zergmongers who are assuming charge of this whole deliciously FUBAR situation are still rolling out the red carpet and playing the bloody national anthem whilst you and your buddies destruct everything we've struggled to build over the last two months."

...oh. I feel a bit better now. As you were.

* and yes, he had some good points. But dammit, I'm allowed to say my sister smells because she's my sister. But if you say it, I'm going to punch your teeth in. Or something like that. You get my meaning.