So, I've now crossed over to that scary mainstream side of those console toy things by getting a Wii U for Christmas. Everything with the system is lovely, but now I need to find a nice place to discover exciting news about my TV box of fun. Having previously never owned a console, RPS has been able to provide all the gaming news I really need, but I'm going to have to branch out if I want to keep up with everything going on with my Wii U?

I've been using Nintendo Life a bit, which is good enough for the basic news, but it is very, very lovey dovey for Nintendo. I suppose that is inevitable for a site that is dedicated to Nintendo, but the opposite seems to be true for a lot of the big named sites that do all platforms, where the Wii U news seems to be very limited.

So, what sites do you all use for console games that can offer the same kind of piffy and informed discussion as RPS does for PC games?