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    Not sure if I'll be able to make it in time actually, if I do, I may be late
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    Thanks everyone for coming and letting me order you around for 3 hours... it was great fun! You guys did an awesome job and fought bravely in the name of the almighty endless one.

    I'd say that the highlight of the evening was the fight at vale where we wiped that humongous zerg with the assistance of [Imp] (I was looting and looting and looting...), but the portal-bombing of the WSR defenders wasn't too shabby either.

    PS I think it was the first time I've actually led something in WvW (rather than pester Duke with suggestions), here's hoping I wasn't too rubbish at it and you'll join me for more!
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    Thanks for the group, was great

    That was my first time properly using portals in organised WvW, so the more experience the better.


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    Although I didn't take part in the event I'd like to thank you guys for organising these events for the community. I was in the Mumble channel when the groups were formed and was quite impressed. The same thanks go to other members of the guild who dedicate their time and nerves to make fun things happen and help others out.

    Mister Charrsy approves. ]:)
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