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    Dota 2 amateur tournament

    Hello there Dotims and Doters,

    Dota is a team game played by two teams of five people and involves spending the best part of an hour swearing at pixels.

    You may be aware of it.

    Dota is also an incredibly popular esport, where - for surprisingly large prizes - two teams of five people spend an hour playing a game exactly nothing like the game you play with your friends.

    You may also be aware of this.

    I've been playing many hours of Dota in the last six months and I am now good enough to be not very good at all. I've also played enough to know that I will never be a pro-esportsman.

    You may have drawn similar conclusions.

    I've spent quite a lot of time telling people recently that Dota is like five-aside football. I tell people that it's like spending every night having a kickabout with your mates, except that you're up against a team of genetically-engineered, spetsnaz-trained psychopaths. I tell them that this is a lot of fun.

    You may have have your own favourite analogy.

    This is a hugely long winded way of saying that I love Dota, I love it as an esport and that I want to organise a tournament just for us amateurs, just like a five-aside football tournament.

    Is anyone remotely interested?

    My idea is that it will operate as a round robin tournament over a couple of months, with teams gaining points for their wins and, after the full tournament, a champions' knock out tournament for the final winner. I'm also hoping that we can get teams from the RPS and PCG communities.

    I'm also super interested to hear from anyone who fancies chancing their hand at some amateur casting.

    If you're interested in taking part, give me a shout. My twitter is @tom_obedlam and my steam name is "tom o'bedlam", my avatar is red bear on a yellow background.

    I'm hoping they'll be enough interest to start the tournament in February. I'd imagine it goes without saying that there's unlikely to be any kind of prize for the winner, but I'm going to have a bash at it anyway.

    (I'm also totally open to any ideas, comments or suggestions on this. I've never organised anything like this before and I'm completely winging it.)

    PCG forum thread

    Edit : Ok then dotafans, today's update

    I've put together a spreadsheet for people to sign their teams up, this is really early as it will be at least a month until the tournament kicks off, but I want to get a good idea of how many teams I'm likely to be accomodating.

    The Spreadsheet (for soon it will deserve its own capital letters) has four sections:

    1. Team sign up.

    This should be self explanatory.

    2. Ronins.

    This is for players who like the idea of our tournament but don't yet have a team. I encourage people to put their names in here and use this as a bulletin board to find the missing fifth team mate you need or, hell, put together a team of five ronins

    3. Casters.

    If you fancy casting, put your details in here and I'll work out a way for you gents to cast

    4. Admins.

    It's been pointed out to me that not everyone who plays Dota online is a "Good Sport". This came as something of a surprise to me. I want this to be a friendly tournament with a ruthlessly competitive streak (emphasis squarely on FRIENDLY though), but this means that I'm going to need a team of admins to help me out and observe the games in a broadcast channel to make sure that people respect pauses for d/cs and are generally friendly.
    I'm still trying to work out the details of the tournament structure, how I'll actually use my team of admin warlocks and how many I'll need, but if this is something that you would be interested in, then I'll love you eternally. I have to sleep occasionally.

    Fill your boots, you're at your grandmother's house

    Edit 2: The Rules Update

    The Rules

    1. Teams consist of at least five and up to seven players. These five to seven players are the only players who will be able to compete for their team. .
    2. If any player disconnects during a match, the game will be paused (default is F9) until the player has reconnected. Pausing is not used for any other reason and only the admin or caster may resume the match.
    3. All games will be in Captain’s Mode and will be played by default on the Western Europe Server, unless the teams’ captains have agreed with an admin that they will be played on a different server. We want to try to accommodate as many teams as possible, so if you are not in Europe please inform us ASAP so we can work out the best way of achieving this.
    4. Once confirmed, changes to the timetable can only be made if all parties involved (teams, admin, caster) agree. The timetable must then be updated.
    5. Captains are responsible for ensuring their team are present. If a team does not have enough players 15 minutes before the game, they must forfeit the match.
    6. If there is an issue during the game, captains must contact the admin.
    7. After the match, an admin will update the bracket with the results. Teams are encouraged to screen-cap the final results screen for their own record.
    8. Team captains must have Skype to contact admins.

    The Set up
    Captains are responsible for the rounding up of their own teams thirty minutes before the game start time. They will then need to check-in with the match admin to confirm their presence and receive the password for the lobby. Fifteen minutes before the start of the match, both teams will connect to the lobby. At match time the admin will confirm that both teams are ready before launching the match.

    Edit 3: The annoucement

    The inaugural Absolute Bedlam Amateur Dota 2 Tournament will kick off on the 11th of February. Registration will end at midnight 28th of January.
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