Welcome! Let's start with this: for anyone looking for a game, it's looking like we're already fully booked so don't send me PM's or ask to join in this thread please. :-) Maybe someone will drop out still but I'll let you know if that's the case.

So, the game parameters! I've played a few games with none or rare PoP's recently so I feel like going a little bit crazy and opt for a tiny maps with lots of PoP's. More parameters:

Map: Dane's Peak
Map size: Tiny
Places of Power: Common
Game Length: Normal
Rectification: Yes
Infernal Census: No

Players who have offered to join so far are

Me, your awesome host
Hardboiled's friend

We'll be using dropbox to play the game. Lowkey and Darkweeble already have it, I'm not sure about our new players. If not you can download and use it for free, just google it. :-) Everyone apart from Lowkey and Darkweeble need to send me their e-mail address as well over PM so i can send out the dropbox invites.

See you in hell!