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    DOTA 2 fun tournament trial run this week - submit your team!

    DOTA 2 RPS Mini Tournament

    This thread is for a mini DOTA 2 tournament for a bit of fun over the next couple of weeks run for RPS readers in general and RPS' Casual DOTA Chums steam group (join us for daily chilled out games!). We're hoping to use this tournament as a trial run, learn from it and then help out everyone running the larger scale tournament later in February. At the top of this post is the current action and further down you can see the rules.

    Match History

    20/01/2013 Bulletin of the Atomic Scientist stood valiantly before the unstoppable might of Team Zoidberg and put up an excellent defence, most especially so when considered in light of the difference in number of matches played.

    19/01/2013 The almighty Team Zoidberg dominated poor old Team Clockwerk Orange with a rather scary score by the mid game! replay file here.

    17/01/2013 Team Clockwerk Orange beat down Team Building Materials through far superior team fight ability! We're actually rather bitter about this one. Darn that tidehunter ulti, grrr.

    16/01/2013 Team Cobra Cocks were just about beaten by Team Building Materials! Well played everyone. Wildcard stood in for Ace and played a brilliant Luna. We felt like we were losing at first but a stunning performance by Micro with Naga and a huge quantity of slow and stun managed to give us an edge after well placed ultimates from lich and dark seer turned the game around.

    12/01/2013 Team Zoidberg had an absolutely incredible match against Cobra Cocks! Some great teamplay secured a second victory for team Zoidberg! Replay file here and youtube videos cast by Hex and Fate.

    10/01/2013 Team Building Materials were crushed beneath the might of Team Zoidberg. Replay file here and youtube here.

    (Note: see the bottom of this post for instructions on opening the replay .dem files*)


    Team Building Materials Points: 4
    Hexagonalbolts (same name on Steam)
    CircularScrews (same name on Steam)
    Micro 1¾ Laminated Lumber Planks (formerly Micro Pigs)
    Fate Amenable to Concrete (formerly Fate Amenable to Change)
    8x4x2 Brick (formerly Ace_1991)

    Mid AND Feed Points: 0
    Pyrion Flax

    Team Brocrates Points: 0
    Jeeshus Christ (same name on steam)
    Classy Laeffy
    Wildcard [UK]

    Cobra Cocks Points: 2
    Jacque ('[CC] Just Jacque' on steam)

    Bulletin of the Atomic Scientist Points: 1
    Tom O'Bedlam (same name on steam)

    Noobs Inc. Points: 0
    Fiyenyaa (same name on steam)

    Team Fabulous Points: 0
    Lord Xenu

    Team Clockwerk Orange Points: 3
    Bowlsoldier (same name on steam)

    Team Zoidberg Points: 8
    Koojav (same name on steam)


    - Get together a team of five and submit it on this thread. Late team entrants still accepted.
    - The teams arrange matches between themselves. Include your steam name in your team post so that other teams can contact you and arrange matches.
    - Post your match times here in advance so that spectators can join if they wish.
    - Post your match results in this thread afterwards.


    - Game Mode: Captains Mode.
    - Handicapping: If one team is obviously more experienced than another then you are heavily encouraged to pick stupid characters and/or take a handicap in the name of fun.
    - Scoring: Whoever has the most points at the end wins. A win counts as 2 points and a loss counts as 1 point, therefore the more games you play the better. You are only allowed to play against each team once. I will keep up-to-date results of games in this post.
    - Player Swapping: In the name of balance and convenience you are allowed to swap out one player in your team as long as the other team agrees to the new player (this is for when, for example, one player is unable to make the match or for helping out if there is a big skill imbalance between teams).
    - Dates: For now you have until (oh sod it) the end of january.
    - Fun: If possible, try and get a mixture of ability levels in your team. No raging allowed. Enjoy yourselves!


    *how to open .dem files in DotA2

    -Copy .dem file to
    \Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\dota
    -Open console (must be enabled in either autoexec.cfg or by adding -console in startup parameters)
    -Type playdemo NAME, in this case: playdemo 98263274
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