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    So there's an interesting(?) topic going on the front page of the article where some people think this trailer is hateful towards women because of the content in it and lazy because it doesn't show very much and leaves it to you to use your imagination as to what's going on.

    Anyone here care to share their views on it?

    Personally I don't see it as being hateful towards women and I've a few ideas as to what might have happened for her to find herself in that situation. As someone rightfully pointed out in the clip, the trailer is showing a flash back and that flash back is not in real time, if it was it'd probably be about a second long. People are suggesting that she just sits there and does nothing while being shot at for "over a minute" when in reality it's a single volley of rounds being shot at her while the guy behind her is probably using cybernetics to move super fast to get up to her. His gun is most likely capable of knocking out androids/cyber humans or whatever she counts as.

    Someone linked this as an argument they agree with. Personally I disagree and I think the person who wrote it did so as a knee jerk reaction.
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