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    If we're going to get cyberpunk, let's have cyberpunk that is leveraging off present technology rather than drawing off yester years ideas as to what future will be.
    I like it. I'd love a "new" Cyberpunk that does to the 2010s what Gibson did to the 1980s. What would that look like? What is the non-dystopian tech-dependent near future of 2010?

    Part of the problem I have there is that I think Gibson was not only good at speculative fiction but lucky to boot--that is, a lot of what's in Neuromancer would be in my 2010 Cyberpunk update.

    I think there would be moon and possibly mars colonies in addition to the low-orbit stuff, and I think we'd be realizing just how limited our capacity to effectively further those efforts is even as we achieve the dream to expand. Lot's of climate control technologies would be in place, and an emphasis on green engineering sort of like in Diamond Age

    "But they did know that ecosystems were espectially tiresome when they got fubared so they protected the environment [the way] they designed overpasses and culverts."

    Except I think we'd be coexisting with obvious signs of the limitations of those technologies and coping with some of the irreversible effects of climate change even as we designed the tools that could have helped us a lot more had they come earlier.

    I like imagining a sort of weird juxtaposition between the rewriting of what is possible with technology and the discovery of more profound limitations than at any other point in history. A sense of stagnation next to the sensation of progress. I'd want to look at technology at a point when the processor industry is no longer able to adhere to Moore's law. When quantum computing exists in a robust form.

    Just knocking around some ideas.
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