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    a new Legend of Sword and Fairy installment to be Launch This Tue, Yahoo~

    This is 100% Chinese style RPG, not some Japanese manga art style replica. The new Legend of Sword and Fairy 5: the Prequel (5th installment is another released game, which is generally negatively reviewed as a major let down of the franchise. Maybe that's why they made this prequel), is to be out on 15 Jan, thus, this coming Tuesday!

    Gameplay is rather traditional turn-based RPG, but this game will guide you into an adventure of gorgeous fantasy world. As I know, disc version will not require online activation.

    Spec requirement is so moderate. I am sure most of your machines can handle this decently:
    OS: MS Windows XP to 7 (8 support unknown)
    CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.3GHz or above
    RAM: 2G (I believe this is a 32bit program)
    GPU: Nvidia GT440 (512mb) or above
    HDD: 16GB
    Resolution Max: 1920X1080

    Unfortunately, none from this outstanding franchise is exported to non-Chinese world so far. I believe that more western publishers should be urged to localize great works such as this one.
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    Yeah most of out machines can handle it, but since we can't understand a word of Chinese (I'm assuming it's the case for most of us, anyway), kinda hard to enjoy the game. If it was something based almost entirely on the gameplay mechanics like a fighting or sports game, it could still be enjoyable, but something as story-heavy as an RPG?...
    Sorry, no can do.

    Also, a western publisher for this game, it ain't happening. Best you can hope for is for a fan translation of sorts.
    A lot of J-RPGs have a hard time making it out of Japan unless they're made by Square-Enix, Atlus or NIS. Many many more never see the light of day outside of Japan, and in most cases it's because there simply isn't a market for something so niche, even though there's a huge amount of "Japanophiles" in the western world.
    Considering there are barely no "Chinophiles" (just made up that word, sorry if it sounds wrong) this game simply would have no audience and would not generate a single dime of profit, therefore, no publisher will ever pick it up.

    And not only that, but what if the developers don't want the game to have an English release? Once again, I'm talking based on the Japanese situation, which I know, different country, different situation, but it's the closest thing there is with presence on the market, and there are heaps, literally HEAPS of Japanese indie PC developers that downright refuse to allow an international/english release of their games. A rather well known example of this being the Tohou saga of games.

    Quote Originally Posted by squirrel View Post
    This is 100% Chinese style RPG, not some Japanese manga art style replica.
    Wow yeouch, careful with that bile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rauten View Post
    Sinophile, you philistine.

    So what kind of "RPG" are we talking about there? Character creation? Free class choice? Meaningful dialogue options based on stats, class, what you did, what you didn't do? Several solutions to most quests?

    Or is it just a dungeon crawler and then you get to watch several people talk to each other?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mohorovicic View Post
    So what kind of "RPG" are we talking about there?
    Judging by the footage it's a JRPG in Chinese period costume. And while it looks interesting enough and I'm sure I wouldn't mind playing it (I'm no RPG snob), without an English translation it might as well be a duck on a unicycle.

    Unfortunately, even with a proper translation, the mainstream view of this will probably be that its a poor relation, an RPG equivalent of all those Asian FTP MMOs most of us just ignore. And that's probably a shame.

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    Watched some of that trailer, I like the graffix! I could see myself looking more into this if I felt a hankering for a new and slightly unfamiliar take on the whole "Limit Breaks n' Conversation" sort of game (which I assume this is).

    Here's a question though -- is anyone else bothered by the widespread adoption of the "right-click and drag to turn your character" in third-person games? The fact that they just rotate instantly and without moving their legs at all makes it feel a little bit like those old hand-held racing games where the car is just displayed stationarily at the bottom and the scenery scrolls past. I know it's a good solution in terms of controllability, but every third-person RPG now feels like you're playing a ghost (or an FPS =P). Except for the cases where they add in some limitation on the turning speed and actually have the character lean into the turn, I much prefer the old clunky way of using the keyboard to turn around, as it adds some weight and presence to the character.

    Obviously the above paragraph addresses the Most Important Thing about the game (and all games in general) but please, continue discussing its lesser attributes such as how it is played, what is in it, and if it is any good.

    P.S. The trailer also reminds me of the first trailer I ever saw for Asheron's Call 2, in that it showed people running and running for at least a minute before they did anything. ;) That this trailer followed up the initial running with a memory-minigame, and then more running, and then a group of people eating me at least some confidence that attention has been paid to non-combat aspects. =P
    The Secret of Gargoyle Manor, a browser point-and-click adventure about retrieving your lost hat whatever the cost, is something you could play!

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    This looks like ps2 title in HD.

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