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    To be fair, he was in a decent second place behind me. I was moderately worried about him sneaking up from behind; if he secured his Gluttony objective, and if he got the portrait, that's a solid 60 prestige he could have jumped up. Especially after someone (Monster Dog?) stole my prestige generating relic, and my prestige generating PoP, so I was no longer pulling ahead every turn, but just breaking even.

    Also, just to add the dramatic romantic entanglement between myself and Monster Dog, let me reveal that it was ME that played the 'reveal Kingmakers' event.

    The hilarious thing was afterwards, me and Helio had a conversation about it on Steam chat. He was saying he was surprised that someone was willing to sacrifice the prestige to play it, and I innocently replied "Oh, there's a prestige cost?", not letting on that I had agonized over exactly that decision before I played it. Eventually I realised that I like gambling, and I'd regret not playing it if I passed. So glad I did!

    Any comments on my hosting? Was the processing relatively swift after our hiccup with the missing player near the start?
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    Nawww and I just bought the gorgons, was thinking about the portrait, wasn't paying close enough attention to the time, anyway thanks guys and well hosted Dentharial.

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    so... WHAT HAPPEN
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    Yeah, weird game for me, but that's what makes games good. See you in the next one!

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