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Yeah, I actually referenced Chris Rock on purpose in the hopes that someone would bring that up. But I think, even that isn't so much that the material was unacceptable (given the context), just that he didn't approve of how certain people were interpreting the material. "Most" people didn't really want to lynch him for those jokes, but there is an argument for if it was particularly responsible once he became a household name. Because his audience shifted.
Made Dave Chappelle quit his show. But it wasn't the offensiveness of the material, but the offensiveness of the audience.

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Indeed, ME2 basically encouraged you to cheat on your ME1 love interest with an achievement.
If all it takes for you to cheat on your girlfriend is an achievement, then the joke's really on you, isn't it?

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That's why most RPGs these days are shit, especially Bioware ones.
What deano is saying is that your reward - if we're keeping with the game format - is the character monologue when they tell you their life's story. For instance, your reward by pursuing Liara is talking about her mother in ME1, discovering her father in ME2, and re-uniting them in ME3. The stuff you get to listen to is the game's way of saying "congrats."