So when reading about the upcoming Dishonoured and the potential for game breaking behaviour and with the upcoming Deus Ex sequel I was once more reminded of one of the most stupidly impressive playthroughs, the completion of the entire game using no weapons by an intrepid Planet Deus Ex forum goer by the name of Alginon. if you haven't read or watched this before (for yes, it is old, but I'd imagine many haven't stumbled across it) and you like Deus Ex then prepare to be amazed!

There's a word document which lays it all out in an entertaining fashion (it starts a bit slow but bear with it, it was a long venture and the writing style definitely improves vastly throughout) which can be downloaded from the following forum thread (about halfway down the page).

Also, some kind soul has collated the videos on Youtube ( Personally I haven't watched them all as I prefer the written account, though I would like to highlight my favourite moment, which is how he deals with Howard Strong (one of the few characters in the game who you must kill) which can be found here if you skip to about 7 min in (

So as well as admiring this or wondering how anyone could spend so much time on such an endeavour (hint - by being awesome!) why not flag up any other impressive gaming feat that you think others will enjoy to hear about. Preferably with videos or an entertaining written account.