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    Rock Pike Sword - Chivalry Medival Warfare

    Anyone up for a Chivalry session(s?) this weekend. There's a Free Weekend on Steam so I think we can gather quite a group for it. I didn't buy it yet cause I missed the last sale but I'm probably going to do it after giving it a try this weekend.
    We could try standard 8:00 PM GMT every day this weekend. If you can't come today, come tomorrow. I'll be hanging around in Mumble around that time (and anytime I'm playing for that matter).
    See you in game.

    P.S. Turns out I might not be able to show up today until like 9 or 10.

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    I'll try and bet there, also dl the free weekend thingy.
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    I'm all about it. I've yet to be able to play with any RPS people. Joined the group but there's never any action there. Anyways, I bought it in the last sale and I'm up to rank 33 already so I'd be happy to give ya'll some survival tips.

    Just as soon as I convert GMT to EST ;)

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