After many months of saving and deciding I finally have enough money for my rig without worrying much on budget. It's main use will be programming, emulating and gaming. I use Virtual Machines daily, in conjunction with Visual Studio, Eclipse and whatnot. I may even start developing for 3D stuff, which I didn't have the chance yet. I also want the building to be capable of supporting several monitors. I would like 3+ for a nice panorama view in games like Skyrim or Minecraft but only if it doesn't over-blow the budget. If not I'd just buy Oculus Rift with the money or something.

My idea is to get a Intel CPU, Nvidia GPU (one or several), one fast SSD, one storage HD, fast RAM, enough PSU to support future enhancements and a case and mobo that fits the beast. 21"-24" gaming monitors in whatever number. In the whole build noise is not an issue because I'm with earphones all the time, but temperature maybe is. Budget tops at 2000 including the monitors.

Also, despite not including it on the budget I would like recommendations on a mouse, mechanical keyboard, a 3D headphone with microphone and some cheap speakers to use when people come watch a movie.
Because I'm living in Germany my web of reference is Alternate, expensive but reliable. If any alternative is better, just tell me :)

Thank you!