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    Japan Will Pioneer 4K Resolution Video

    Japan is always a pioneer of graphic output (though may not be the graphic computing tech) technology. Japan originally planned to implement 4K resolution standard by 2016, now it moves forward to schedule that by 2014, so that they won't miss the 2014 World Cup:

    And 2016? It will be the deadline for another display resolution standard implementation in Japan: 8K!!
    (Sorry, no English source for this one)

    This could put a new challenge for the currently video disc medium capacity. Let's see how it plays out. Currently, it seems only Sony, Toshiba and Sharp are capable to produce commercially viable 4K monitors. Samsung and LG are of course working hard to catch up but let's say that Japan is currently taking the lead.

    So how this impacts the game industry? Many speculate that 4K display may not be implemented on the upcoming next gen game consoles. Of course, Nintendo has no say here. But for both Microsoft and Sony, it makes no good investment into a display technology which may not be popular enough for the coming years. One more likely scenario is that both new Xbox and Playstation would support 4K video playing, but not game graphics.

    So how this benefits us PC gamers? What currently retail available graphic cards are capable of displaying 4K?

    BTW I believe that display technology is very essential for modern medicine. I recalled that in one such episode of the TV drama House MD, doctor House had to display video of heartbeat of a client onto a screen as large as the one in the movie theater to spot a tiny dead part of the heart.
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    I'm not sure how reliable a source of medical technology news House is.

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    Well, hate to burst your bubble, but 4k has been around in film for quite some time now. Its about time they finally catch up.
    - Tom De Roeck.

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    Why stop there, just increase resolution to 10k or even more. So Dr. House is happy. But I am not buying a new TV again any time soon. In fact, they should put that resolution on smart phones to be used with a magnifier glass :)

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    Modern beast pc struggle with 4k resolution. No way new gen of console will be able to do that. I would prefer 60fps at 1080p over 4k resolution for games.
    And bigger game areas with less loading.

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    The TV people might be keen on 4K, but short of some major step ups in compression technology I'm not sure the worlds broadband network is on the whole.

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    Quote Originally Posted by squirrel View Post
    So how this benefits us PC gamers? What currently retail available graphic cards are capable of displaying 4K?
    probably only the gtx690 can run games at a resolution of 4096x2160 with a consistent 60fps - it was mainly geared towards the multi-monitor, surround gaming crowd anyway.

    Personally I wouldn't mind. I'm already starting to get bored of my 30" 2560x1600 monitor. Bring it on.
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