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    Congratulations to the Belfast Giants...

    "Belfast Giants players and staff walk out of contracts after new owner revealed to be convicted sex offender"

    So not only does the team prove they have the integrity and ethics to walk away on principle from being managed by someone convicted of child sex offenses, they also staged their last two games anyway on the understanding that they were not under contract, to 1) satisfy otherwise disappointed fans, and 2) play in a charity fundraiser.

    The result? They've now been able to sign up to a new management company, while retaining the Giants name and playing in the same arena. So that 90% controlling stake that Knight purchased for 145,000 has essentially netted him a warehouse full of merchandise he will never shift, because people generally don't like to buy goods from paedophiles.

    Good job, Giants.

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    Heard about this today, top notch action from the players on all accounts.

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    Now that's some good censure.
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