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    Unwritten - Turn-based Strategy Roguelike (Kickstarter)

    Unwritten: "Create a nomadic tribe and guide them across a randomly generated tundra to meet its God."

    Funding successful. Move along.

    They say Civilization meets Oregon Trail. Or "strategy rogue-like" in the way that "each area map feels a bit like a 'dungeon' in the classic role playing game Rogue." It also sounds, to me, like an FTL-style one-way journey/decision-filled story generator. Apparently it also bears some similarity to King of Dragon Pass.

    Detailed update on gameplay. Full song from the soundtrack.

    Old pre-alpha gameplay screenshot:

    New gameplay concept by Amanda Williams, environment artist for Waking Mars:


    The dev, who most recently worked on Dishonored, posted an editorial on RPS on violence in video games a few days ago.
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