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    Great fun had with RPS PVE team earlier this evening. We traversed Dredgehaunt Cliffs and Timberline Falls, killed a ton of Krait in Nonmoa Lake, took on the fiendish Coddler's Cove jumping puzzle, and eventually took on the Mount Maelstrom Megadestroyer. We should definitely make this a regular thing!

    I'll let somebody who stayed to the end recap the subsequent WvW happenings...
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    Quote Originally Posted by squirrelfanatic View Post
    Aww, I was looking forward to that. Let's hope your ISP gets his act together and delivers next time.
    Aye me too, sorry My ISP is testing a new traffic management policy in my area (and have been for a few months) it can be freaking torture at the weekends and of course I'm not told all the rules - so it's really unpredictable as to whether I'll get throttled or not on any day of the week. If I wasn't renting in a shared house I would have moved to another provider a month ago...

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