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    Quote Originally Posted by khaz View Post
    This exists and its brilliant. And it's from the wonderful people at Platinum.
    I'm going to investigate this further. The review makes it sound like exactly what I'm looking for. If so, more of this please and take my money! Not so hot on the aesthetic, and it looks like it might be a bit bloody for my liking, but it's cartoony enough that I could probably get used to that after a few wince-filled playthroughs. Even stupidly fake gore gets an immediate reaction out of me ... long-term, I'm fine with it, but it takes a second and a deep breath at times.

    Edit: That is, take my money in about five years when I have a computer that can do 360 Emulation. Argh! Curse you, consoles, for stealing my dreams! Ah well. Ooh, I forgot, thanks for the tip off! :D

    I can always rent it and bum a friend's box for a few hours. I just need to find someone who likes this sort of game.
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