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    Quote Originally Posted by Nalano View Post
    According to Maxis, the size of a city in SimCity 2013 is 2km2. This is a quarter of the size of a large city in SimCity 4, which is 4km2, and roughly 1.5% of the size of SimCity 3000's 32km2.

    At this rate, the next SimCity and the next The Sims will be the same size.
    It they did merge the two as one game that would be great. Selling them as separate games while making them the same size would not. But I'd not turn down some Simcity tools in Sims or Sims tools in Simcity. Say making custom 3d buildings or adding specialist buildings and landscaping to Sims.

    Quote Originally Posted by NathanH View Post
    Fortunately for me, I have only just got bored with SimCity 2000 and have recently purchased SimCity 4. Therefore I suspect I will not need another SimCity game until about 2019.
    Get Rush hour. It adds just enough, even if you never use the driving features, to make it worth it. It can be grabbed for a couple of pounds too (or on Steam?). I'd sell on or even gift my copy if it was not one of those games I can still play easily today. Yey for high res pixel graphics! All my other games while fun and cool are rather low poly and a bit of a style change to get back into. I might fire up some old games though, instead of trying to ebay em. :P

    Thanks Nalano. I honestly thought they were the same size as small maps. Did they increase the size of minimum zones or something? Good to know it's at least "medium" size. But for some reason it still looks smaller than the Sim City 4 ones, and I've played pocket levels on that but it's the large ones that are the real game changers.
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