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    Silly question.

    Is anything left that could go wrong but didn't, in this game?

    -high price (60 euro + 20 euro for european city mod)
    -miss-labeled as something it isn't (it's farmville-sims crack rather than city building, hence the shit-storm that happened now but not in SimCity Social)
    -the DRM makes the game totally unplayable at launch (server cloud purgatory)
    -the DRM makes the game partially unplayable afterwards (so long, cheetah speed, see you in the afterlife, together with the lost cities)
    - the game, the actual content, is broken, miss-functional or directly BS (enough links in the past 2 pages for a thorough exemplification)
    -the publisher has lied to the customers (the refund link "that wasn't", the broken promises not to fail on launch)
    -the publisher has lied to everyone (the perma-online is not actually technically necessary, good job, RPS, for the inside info)
    - the publisher gives no real technical and bug support to the customers ( Ulukai's link above)

    Did I forgot something ?
    Was there something that could go wrong and didn't?
    It's amazing how much stuff one could get for 60 (or 80) euros, nowadays, isn't it ?
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