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Thread: Wizard quest

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    Wizard quest

    If you're ever passing through Wisconsin, go here:

    (You think it looks silly and for babies, and then a little child comes hurtling out from an invisible door in a wall you've walked past twenty times, and you realize 1) you're a chump and 2) you will never plumb all the depths of mystery in WIZARD QUEST).

    When I was there, there was also a store/museum down the street which serves no other function than to collect and sell root beers from around the country, and has several on tap to sample.

    These are two things you can do, if you're ever passing through Wisconsin.
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    The Secret of Gargoyle Manor, a browser point-and-click adventure about retrieving your lost hat whatever the cost, is something you could play!

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    I have been to wisconsin and also probably near this place! I went to a waterpark and on a so called "duck" boat.

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