As you are probably aware, RoboCraft is essentially World of tanks except you build your tank yourself in a Minecrafty way. Or your plane. Or your Hovercraft. Or your Sled. Or Chopper... And all of that with your choice of gun, explody, piercy, healy or snipy.
I think it is a really great game and it gets better and better with every update. The last one added huge Megabots for the last Tiers. I am having a great time with it but especially when it comes to challenges (4 high-tier bots against a whole team of lower tier ones) and their countdown timer, having an actual team helps a lot. And if only to make sure your team has one and not three medics.
So in case anyone is already playing or wants to pick it up: I am DeVadder in game. Feel free to add me or hassle me about tank designs or whatever (obviously that last one mostly means newer players, i just reached Tier 10 a few days ago myself) As there is not yet a clan feature implemented, we would have to see how we could organize adding each other as firends ingame but if there was enough interest we could set up a Steam group or something.

And at the very least, we could use this thread to show off tanks. ^^
I'll start: This is the Machine i use the most lately, a Tier 9 Plasma Bomber/Dart. Highly maneuvrable and fast but squishy as they come. In some matches i just get one-shotted by some lucky rail i stumble across. But those matches i manage to sneak up on someone through a canyon or around a mountain are awesome fun.
Screenshot 2015-02-26 22.17.33.jpgScreenshot 2015-02-26 22.18.11.jpg