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    Carbon Games has added player created factions into Airmech. So I decided to make this thread in order to see if there are any Airmech players here and if they were interested in a RPS faction. I know it's a bit early since the whole faction system is still under development(you can't create factions ingame, but instead have to ask one of the developers to create it for you) and at the moment the only things that being in a faction gives is the faction tag and faction chat(this should improve in the coming months). But anyway, I thought I'd see if there are any RPSers interested in this.

    For those of you who haven't heard about Airmech before, it's a free to play Action RTS, available at Steam or directly from Carbon website.(you can also find it in the Chrome Store, but unfortunately Chrome players can't play with Steam/PC players). It is a spiritual successor to the classic Sega Genesis game Herzog Zwei(1989). It is vaguely similar to MOBA games although the name Action RTS would probably fit it better than other MOBAs as you can actually build units yourself in this game(instead of relying only on creeps).

    The game is currently on beta, so there are still some things that haven't made it into the game yet. New patches are coming almost every week so that will change in the coming months. TB did a WTF Is... on this game a few months ago and Husky did a video as well. Due to the frequent patches, those videos are now outdated but they will still give you a basic idea of how it works.

    2v2 and 3v3 pvp are the most common game modes. You control an airmech, a robot which can transform freely between groundmode(walking) and airmode(flying). Each team has a fortress which you have to destroy in order to win. The map(of which there are nine at the moment of this writing) is dotted with outposts and neutral units. The gameplay revolves around getting map control by capturing the outposts(they cannot be destroyed) and working your way up to the enemy fortress. The outposts(like your fortress) work as healing/refueling stations for the airmechs and also allow you to build units from. The game is extremely fast-paced. You got to think fast, react fast and micro your units fast.

    In addition to PvP there is also solo and coop(mainly for practicing) plus CTF and survival(coop tower defense with units instead of towers).

    The free to play model is in my mind very generous. It took me about two months to unlock all the units/pilots/airmechs(granted, I didn't play other games during that time). You can also buy the beta bundle which will unlock almost everything in case you don't like to wait. But the default units you start with coupled with the cost of unlocking new units will mean that you can almost have a competitive loadout after playing for a day.

    And last but not least, the community is pretty awesome. Lots of helpful people in the global chat and often enough you can even find the developers there, answering questions or just playing with people.

    So anyway, let me know if you are interested in a RPS faction and if you haven't tried the game out yet, do so. It won't cost a dime and it's only about 100Mb so it won't even take long to download.:)
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