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    Opinions on Hearts of Iron 3?

    This game got ragged on pretty hard at release but I've been hearing a lot of good things about it with the various expansions that have been released now (off the top of my head: Semper Fi, For the Motherland, Their Finest Hour, I think that's all of them).

    Anyone who has the fully updated game wanna fill me in?

    Also, how good is the AI?

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    I only have the first two expansions, and with them it's still got some rough spots. Honestly I enjoyed the Hearts of Iron 2-based Darkest Hour too much to stick with Hearts of Iron 3.

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    I think I only have the first 2 as well. There was good and bad, the new army organisation was good but the AI just seemed to be quite thick.

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    Terrible release, but with the newest expansion it goes very well. AI isn't amazing, but not as dumb as it used to be either. The other little mod packs (Stars and Stripes and Dies Irae) were fun too but only compatible with FTM

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    I liked it very much, I thought that the AI was good enough that I could give all control below army group level to AI. And that made HoI3 stand out from other games: it made me feel like some kind of field marshal who orders this army group to take that area and doesn't bother with details about individual CAS sorties or lone brigades.

    I need to get the newest exp pack and get back to the game.

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