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    Multiple users on a Windows PC?

    Just wondering how people deal with having multiple users (ie: family) on their PC.

    This far, I haven't ever bothered with multiple user accounts (win95->vista) as it seemed like a lot of hassle and seemed fine for everyone to just use the same password to login. But with Win8 your account/password is your online windows Live account, and things like metro apps and their associated online accounts seem like they might work better if everyone had their own account.

    My wife doesn't actually use much more than Firefox and Mediamonkey, so it might not be much of an issue. But it does mean that my email/twitter/facebook things will all be popping up on the start screen while she's using it.

    Any thoughts?

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    Can't offer too much except to say my computer or other mobile device is mine and touching it (or my stethoscope, or my pillow, or pretty much anything I look at with interest) is grounds for death by hanging at dawn... which makes things a lot easier to deal with.

    They don't have to have a Live account to have a Win8 user account, you can just set her up with a local account which will let her do the browser thing without your secret double life as a Twitter spy reporter being exposed. User accounts get their own profile and everything so there won't be any issues there. Apps that were installed for all users will be available to every account, but since it's a separate profile settings aren't transferred across... unless the app doesn't store settings in the user's profile directory, but pretty much all of your common apps do. Not 100% sure about the setup for a local account but it used to be that you didn't need to set a password for User-level accounts (not that I'd recommend that)... and if not you can always use the Users snap-in in Computer Management to remove the password.

    There's also an Administrator account which is totally unshackled. Don't know why but Win8's UAC seems to be a little bit weird and sometimes refuses accounts that are part of the Administrator group from doing certain things in particular directories. The Guest account still lives on too, but I don't know if I'd recommend enabling it.

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    soldnat is right.

    With Windows 7 its very easy to create user accounts. You can make them passworded or not.

    I have my account and a guest account in case someone wants to use my system.

    Just check the Users options in the control panel it was all very straight forward.

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