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    Gunnar's Hold PvE Community Events

    This is the place where server-wide community events (with an emphasis on "server-wide") can be announced. Please feel free to put up suggestions or invitations if you have an idea for something that you think would make a fun event or post a link if you know of activities other guilds have planned.

    I'll start with a link from the GH community site, announcing a Temple Liberation event taking place on Tuesday, 22nd of January. The plan is to liberate all temples except the Temple of Balthazar in Orr:

    If people are looking for a Temple of Balthazar liberation event, these are scheduled weekly by the Midnight Mayhem guild (MM) on Wednesday nights.

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    Great thread!

    Remember that the Orr mining run takes place on a nightly basis, 7PM GMT. They usually start at Pagga's Waypoint, but any variations are usually announced in /map at Lion's Arch before the event begins.
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