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    If we're talking about PC only games, I'd have to say Kingpin: Life of Crime was my first bad game because it was so buggy as to be practically unplayable.

    I also must give an honorable mention to Lords of the Realm III not for being bad, but instead for being such a phenomenal let down after the brilliant second game in the series.

    For non-PC games I'd have to say the dubious honor goes to:
    Quote Originally Posted by squareking View Post
    Definitely ET on Atari 2600.
    I've found an article in defense of this abomination.

    As for this:
    One time my mom bought me The Sum Of All Fears and it was basically the essence of uninspired
    I must say that I played it back when it came out (2002 or so?) and enjoyed it when LANing. In fact, I enjoyed it so much I repurchased it last Christmas during a Steam sale. I played it online with a friend but it did seem to lose some of its appeal.
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