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    A gentlemen's game

    I'm thinking of starting a new game with some special rules. To start the game field would look something like this (Props to helio for the format):

    Map Size: 12 / 14 / 16
    Map Type: Great Rivers / Acheron's Locks (Random number generator has spoken) / Dante's Peak / The Lake of Fire / Infernal Divide /
    Place of Power: None / Rare / Uncommon / Common
    Game Length: 10 / 15 / 20 / 25
    Infernal Census : Yes / No
    Rectification Content : Yes / No

    The idea is to play with a custom rule (not game enforced obviously): No excommunications. With the only exception of an event based xcom.
    This means no taking panda, so it would be a pure prestige race. Common pops and small map would mean more battles for them. Expect a lot of deceit, high ranks and political intrigue. Playing for keeps will become quite important.

    We need three other players.

    Tikey (Emperor Zurg)
    Battleprogrammer Spike (Ashaka)
    Raptor_X (Marquis Zabrahxx)
    Rinox (Who could he be?!)
    Kelron (Mr Percy)
    Lacessit (Mephisto's cat)
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