Well, guys, I'm kinda interested in your opinion.

I've seen this video yesterday and I wrote about it as Call of Duty: Childish Warfare referring to the golden ages of my/our childhood while a stick in the hands of a child was a sword and a handful of sand was a bomb. You know, those great sandbox games and I mean the real sandbox games?

The thing's that, yeah, this video got right everything that I was imagining back then - the blood, the explosions, maybe I'm fucked up but yeah, in my head and probably in the minds of my friends it was exactly like that.

And the problem is that we're living now in the XXI century and I can see my friends breeding and giving their damn SONS pink toys and telling them that every kind of violence is wrong. Come, what happened to you, humanity?

So the reaction was partially good and pro and partially bashing that there's nothing fun in children shooting children and that it's politically incorrect. Fuck political correctness, who cares? But one dude wrote that it's just a step for this thing to be as pervert as childporn, so well, I kinda wonder what's going on?

My country's kinda medieval so well, what do you, civilized folks think about it?