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    [VS] Silly Mondays - [RPS] Outfit Events

    What: Rock Planet Shotgun (or at least some members of) try doing something in Planetside that's a little different. Probably not the most efficient, or the easiest to pull off, but hopefully pretty entertaining.

    Where: Miller, probably starting out at a warpgate. Also, the RPS community mumble server.

    When: Irregular mondays, normally at 20:00 for approx 1 hour.
    Next Silly Monday: 87/06/2015 by Gorncaptain
    How does it look?
    Something like this (playlist):

    Who makes this happen?:
    Anybody who wants to. Just chrip up either in game on Mondays, or preferably mention in advance in this thread and I will update this top post.

    What behaviour is expected of me?:
    To join in the spirit of things and give whatever is happening a go. To understand that some of what we're doing takes time and a bit of patience. To recognise that while we're not playing the game seriously, other people may be, and it is still not acceptable to open fire on other Vanu (excluding RPS members as part of an activity).

    Basically, following on from this thread, the idea is that people gather up and do something a little unusual on the side. Unlike other nights such as Wednesday and Thursday, I'm going to put a time limit on this one - we'll finish by 22:00 at the latest, and earlier if we get what we want done. Equally, the "silly squad" will be a breakaway group, while everyone who just wants to play the game can carry on with things.

    Some of what we try and do in these sessions will involve careful planning and arrangement, and possibly practice by key members ahead of time. Some will just involve everyone massing up and doing something at once. Everything that I aim for should be useful to the empire in some way, just perhaps not the most useful.

    For the first event, I'll be taking the lead. Exact plans to go up at later date. I'd like to see other people taking this idea and running with it as well.
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