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I missed the last two silly mondays so haven't done a proper new video for a while, however I figured we had enough between all our videos to put together a best of. I say we, I've mostly only taken from CMaster... who I didn't ask before I uploaded so hope that's cool.

Obligatory reddit - http://www.reddit.com/r/Planetside/c...r_from_rps_on/

Youre welcome to hate the idea, but how does this sound:

Videos like this (compilations/best ofs) could be uploaded to the actual channel once in a while?

My reasons:

-Firstly, they are likely to include a mixture of several peoples footage and therefore dont necessarily have a place on one.
-The channel isnt getting much traffic, so some videos would provide a link to it, and something to view on there.

I know you are the one who obviously put in the effort, and you want your views/subs from it, but I think it would be a nice idea, and promote viewing of all videos by all users .

What do you think? If youre up for this, I can give you the details for the channel so that you can upload them. Once uploaded, its easy for me to shuffle them around any which way when necessary, but I obviously cant upload them myself.