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Thread: I made a thing

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    I made a thing

    Hi everyone. Inappropriate Touching here, from RTRS. I just posted this over on the breakaway RTRS forum but thought I'd get more feedback and what not from the broader community.

    I've been working on a sort of 'Planetside 2 late review' and wanted some criticism before continuing in this style:

    Let me know what you think!
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    Two things strike me at the moment - your mic volume is maybe slightly too high, with one burst of laughter coming through pretty loud and also the mildly incongruous swearing at the start of the in-game clip at the end.

    Can't comment much on the editing but seems pretty good to me.

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    Really liked the general editing. Ending felt abrupt and the voice over a little stilted. Definitely want to see more.
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    I think you were overly concerned with talking clearly and slowly so as not to lose people - you can definitely make that more conversational I think. Let me know if there's anything related to After Effects that you need help with.

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    Thanks for the feedback all. My friend said the VO was pretty flat as well. Not 100% sure how to make myself sound less like a bellend but I'll figure something out.
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