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    Rock Paper SMITE - Open Beta

    Smite is finally in open beta.

    If you do not know, Smite is a Third Person MOBA based on Unreal Engine 3 by HiRez, the creators of Tribes Ascend. It is free to play charging money only for cosmetic skins and permament access to champions, in this case gods. Gods can be unlocked with ingame currency (which apart from that only can buy some retextures of basic skins) in reasonable time. There also are 5 basic gods which are free for everyone and a rotation of 5 more free gods every week. That is of currently 31 gods. There is also the option to buy every current and future god for 30€ since todays patch.
    In my opinion, that constitutes a rather fair F2P approach.

    Smite is a little easier to access than most MOBAS and the third person gameplay really sets it apart.

    If you are interested but not sure wether the gameplay is for you but do not want to risk downloading it for nothing: There is almost allways someone streaming at and apart from the occasional troll (this is the internet afterall), the chat on that stream tends to be very nice and helpful at answering any questions.

    With the open beta comes a nice clan feature including a handy ingame chat.
    I took the liberty of setting up a RPS clan, called RockPaperSmite. The old thread is buried on page 5 and i can hardly tell who is actually still playing (okay i could check player stats...).
    So i suggest whoever wants into the clan posts their ingame name here and me or Kekswal or whoever wants to be officer in the future will invite you as soon as possible.
    This should finally make it easy to play with fellow RPS people as we can easily see who is online and chat to set up a party.

    Also please post in this thread if you have any questions or want to share your experience with the game.

    I just realised, i indeed forgot a link. The games website is at and from there you can access forums, player stats and whatnot.
    If you feel generous, you could of course use my referral link here to register, giving me shinys as you level up.
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