EA pulled their EULA back again, but they have to keep trying.

Games barely make the list when stuff like SOPA is being discussed, however, they (publishers) are still actively "informing" governments of copyright theft and its "evilness". (Yes, that is a slightly different topic, but also acceptable)

So! Consumer rights, "piracy", privacy, ownership in the digital age, discuss.

PS: this is a moderated thread, meaning that unexcellence will be cut out, but Id much rather you all think about what you write before you write it. No personal attacks or general hatred towards single persons, ideas you can attack as much as you want.

PPS: I know this is an emotional subject for some, as it touches on some morality issues (ie. is piracy theft, is EA really evil, etc) but please, nobody here wants you to shut up and shove it, we all want a proper discourse. love!