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At the very least, you need to make two builds. One with steamworks enabled and one without steamworks enabled.
Didn't we used to have one version which did both the jobs? There was a period between CD keys and the Age of Steam where the service came packaged with games in an entirely optional download. If at all possible, single-player boxed games should go back to that. For the digital version bought directly from Steam... I don't know, maybe after they ban your account they could e-mail links to all the games you bought and host them for one month, giving you time to save them elsewhere? I think once downloaded to your computer, the installation files for games on GoG don't need online connectivity to confirm anything.

Just throwing out ideas. I know there's no motivation to actually do it, the Steam legion vastly outnumber those who take my view, and publishers couldn't be happier now they've got more control than ever.