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    Quote Originally Posted by XisLoose View Post
    Well goddamn!! There's a female Turian?!?! I was starting to think the Turian were the counter-specie to the Asari :)
    Well, the Asari are the Space Vixens, and the Turians are supposed to be the Space Romans (with a heavy Confucian bent), but I think it took so long to see a female Turian because they don't have boobs and peacock less than their male counterparts, so there's nothing to display in a tight-fitting latex officer's uniform.

    As for the OP, if you like ME3, get the DLC: It's more ME3. If you don't like ME3, why would you ask?

    As for the "this is so integral to the story that it should have been included with the base game," you kinda want it both ways: If it's not important, you say it's pointless and shouldn't exist. If it is important, you say it's necessary and shouldn't cost extra. That kinda defines away all add-ons that aren't completely separate narratives, and stand-alones are sold nowadays to stand... alone.
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