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    Crytek opens up new Studio in America with Ex Vigil devs

    Sweet all they need now is the Darksiders IP or a spiritual successor to Darksiders in CryEngine 3!! :)

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    ...Which will be made F2P.

    Since CryTek said that's all they're going to make from now on.
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    apparently, not all of them got absorbed to Crytek Austin or whatever it's called (according to the link)

    I thought the IP is sold seperately if the studio didnt got sold?

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    The other plus to this is Star Citizen's main development is in Austin (they're using the CryEngine), so having some of the Crytek folk and CIG folk in the same town will hopefully help out that process.

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    So as far i read they don't intend to do anything with Darksiders,expect them doing Homefront or some other generic fps. Jeeej for CryTek..

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