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    Dark Storm PC Game

    Well i wish i could post in the introducing thread but that is locked and honestly we need your support! On our kick starter and aboard!

    Updated the Kickstarter with new rewards and such! Do check them out! Also do listen to our Audio log series that will be running up to the games release below on Itunes now subscribe thanks again! :)

    Dark Storm is a first person shooter currently in development. Designed by Fenrir Studios, Dark Storm utilizes the Unreal 3 Engine.

    Dynamic AI - That scale to each Individual player. There are no difficulty levels in this game

    Rich Detailed Environments - Expansive, fully explorable diverse locations, Destructible Environments

    Expansive Weapons List - Over 43 Weapons planned released over a course of 5 Chapters

    Episodic Content - Released in chapters for one low base price

    Dynamic Soundtrack and Professional Composing - you may find a few working examples below of our composers and engineers abilities.

    Campaign Multiplayer and Coop - to be expected latter in development

    Please feel free to drop by our page on Indiedb
    And if you can help support our development and depending on what you donate we'll give you anything from special promotional art, Digital copy of the soundtrack and even have a character based off your photo (face wise).
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