Hi all, as the title says, I've gotten back into the Minecraft world this year, and I've gotten bored with single-player worlds. And since most of the threads here seem rather old, I thought I'd throw this out and see if anyone has a server they wouldn't mind me building on. I'd like to play cooperatively, not any sort of hardcore PvP, although occasionally having a game or two would be fun.

The reasons for this:

1. Because it's fun, and I'm on vacation. I've got about a month break for summer holidays and am looking for something to do while hiding from the sun (I'm in Japan, and it's about 35C and 90% humidity. And the beach is far...).

2. Because I'm a teacher and will be doing some research into Minecraft as an ESL/EFL tool. Having only really played multiplayer several years ago, I don't know the online etiquette very well. So I'd like to have some experience doing this before I need to teach my students how to play nice with each other.

3. I'd like to teach myself how to do Let's Play videos, mostly for the same reason as #2 -- I'll eventually be asking my students to do this, so I need to learn.

Ideally, I'd like to use some mods, I got hooked on the FTB modpack, and am experimenting with the New World modpack which finally got Millenaire to work with Buildcraft. But as I'm the begger here, I'll take anything if you have a server or know of where to go to find one.