Is there anyway we could do the two following for comments on RPS:

1 - Make links show their actual address rather than allowing people to hide links
2 - Block any comment with a $ sign in it.

It seems like that would get rid of 99% of the recent spam overload.

The first one would particularly help with the recent tactic of copying a lower comment and posting it as a reply higher up -because those ones are actually pretty hard to spot sometimes. besides, I don't think we need the ability to hide link addresses anyway.
The second would stop the recent 'my sister's boyfriend's cousin makes billions online a day' spam which seems to have overloaded half the sites I read. Even if it might be a bit annoying that we'd all have to type our 'dollars' instead.

Alternatively, one of those image picking captchas where we have to pick out the rock, the paper and the shotgun.