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    "What does this have to do with videogames. More and more like Kotaku every day"

    At least they are aware that the quality of their articles is dwindling. Though I bet that is written by John Walker after having received much criticism so as usual he take the passive aggressive stance and try to ignore the valid concerns of their readers.

    I still cringe at this sort of article that appears on the front page:

    There is no source, no information about the game and only related to some "gaming culture", not unlike those Kotaku writers at all. So much for proper gaming journalism eh? This is not just a one-off too as more and more articles barely related to gaming have been posted on the website. So much so that I've to check who wrote the articles before reading them and this is really unfair for them as they occasionally put a decent article or two but it has left a bad taste for me to not to ignore them.

    If this may sound harsh, my apologies...
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