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    Quote Originally Posted by goatmonkey View Post
    "Also, refusing to pay for something that integrates purchasing the DLC into the game interface? Seriously?"

    I worded that point pretty badly, I am not buying Dead Space 3 at full price because I think gameplay micro transactions have no place in a full priced game and I won't support one that does. Being integrated into the screens that pop up while playing what should be an atmospheric game is just a sad sign of business model getting in the way of how I want to experience games.
    But it really isn't, at least from what I have seen. It is just a seperate menu when you are upgrading crap anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Barnox View Post
    It's a Tesla core + a 2hand frame. It makes a Line Gun.
    I'm playing on Easy mode, the easiest of difficulties.

    This gun takes ~4 shots to remove a Necromorph's legs. It fires approximately once every 2.5 seconds.
    With the enemies moving faster now, from one end of a corridor to the other, you'd be lucky to get three shots in.
    How better to convince people to pay for weapons than to make un-upgraded ones peashooters?
    The line gun isn't for close quarters combat.

    I'm a couple of hours in on Hard. I've skipped upgrading at the first two benches and I'm still drowning in ammo and spare medpacks. Fear that they'd nerfed the weapons so you'd want to buy scavenger bots seem irrelevant, since the vanilla plasma cutter's working just fine for me so far.

    I wouldn't say I'm enjoying it quite as much as its predecessor yet, but it feels like Dead Space, and that's a good thing.
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    Plasma cutter is all you ever seem to need. Made it through first two games with that and I intend to do the same for 3.

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    That was right at the start of the game, on Easy, on the first ship. They were rather far away.
    The problem is the entire Tesla line is poor. Other weapons are much better.
    Stasis Javelin + Bullpup Rifle got me through a large part of the endgame. Strong enough for the big guys, enough ammo to take out the tiny enemies.
    It seems anything designed to slice off multiple limbs at the same time is balanced by being really quite weak. You're better off just getting something that hits hard and accurate and going for them one at a time.

    Ammo and medpacks are given out willy nilly. You will never have too few.
    This happens fairly often:

    The Fleet story segment could have been longer (It was the best area, imo), as could the snowy wilderness.

    The ending is quite terrible, generic AAA sequence.
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    I take back everything nice I said about this game. I just lost an hour and a half of progress because the designers of Dead Space 3 believe "save and quit" should only do half of what it says. Sure, it saved my inventory, but if I wanted actual progress in the game saved? I had to proceed forward until I reached a point where the game decided it's a good time to do that. Which I couldn't do, because a bug locked a door behind me for no reason, so I had to "save" and quit, then return to find I had to fight a shit hard battle again, then find a whole side-mission I'd just completed waiting to be completed once more.
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    So I've heard DeadSpace 3 is the most anticipated game by horror survivalist fans. I played thefirst two iterations of the game and so I was thinking that this third one willnow only feature re-packaged horror. I was wrong.
    For all myexpectations of the same scare throughout the game, I was still amazed overall.I noticed though that the game seemed to have shifted more from horror toaction. It's mostly action all throughout the 19-chapter story as I navigateIsaac Clarke through blood-stained corridors, hangar decks, abandoned researchfacilities, a barely lit supply room, outdoor terrain that brings back raw emotions, etc.
    The visual momentswhen Isaac was floating around in space is unforgettable for me. It's a gooddistraction from the grind of dismembering vicious Necromorphs all throughoutthe game, as well as the explorations and puzzle solving. The gravity-defyingmissions are spectacular anywhere in the game.
    I also love thestaggering thousands of combinations in tweaking upper and lower parts of mycharacter's munions masterpieces in this game. The weapon system is morecomplex than ever and there are many supplies of workbenches to work, keepingme satiated for hours as I collect components and raw materials throughout thegame.
    The game is trulyamazing. I can't say less. Reviews of both critics and fans tell one thing:this game conquers 2013.
    A review fromGamearena is a good example.

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    Then you heard wrong ambing,i rather believe true horror survivalist fans are eagerly awaiting Amnesia:Machine For Pigs.

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    This game is really great. I didn't expect to like it half as much as I do. But I love it!

    As Gunner noted above, you really have to pay attention to the progress saved notice in the top left, as that is the only time it saves your geographic progress. It never saves during side missions, so you have to finish those in one sitting. Just always be sure you see the progress saved notice before you quit.

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    You know what you need when space zombies are abound. A shotgun with a shotgun. Surprisingly good game, never played the earlier ones. Also started the game on hard and that seems like a good "normal" difficulty.
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    Yes. I've recovered somewhat from my ragequit. I still can't fathom why they went with such an aggressively, almost daringly stupid save system. And I hate that you can't just look at weapon designs speculatively, weighting your options; once you get to the parts selection screen, you can't leave without it crafting whatever blueprint you threw together. There's no cancel. That's bonkers. And a number of other little ways that the game decides it knows what you're doing better than you do, and is almost always wrong.

    But because they are the sins of an otherwise masterfully crafted game, one that shifts through a number of different mechanics so seamlessly on the fly, lets you float around in (silent!) space, and attach a flamethrower to a shotgun, I'm willing to forgive them. So far.

    I feel bad for anyone starting with this one, though. I really suggest stopping now and playing through the first two. They are truly superb, both in different ways, and definitely better than the third. And while many people complained about Isaac becoming some sort of action hero (he really doesn't), I've enjoyed the development in character from silent struggling-to-stay-alive victim to slightly-sarcastic-looking-for-a-reason-to-live protagonist to tragic fuck-it-let's-kill-ourselves-trying-to-accomplish-just-one-good-thing hero.

    I just wish they hadn't put Ellie in that HEY CLEAVAGE shirt. And that I could have an engineer suit again.
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    Gunner you can actually cancel your weapon, you have to go into the selection of one of the essential parts (ie. base or upper tool) and you can select 'deconstruct weapon'. Yeah, stupid isn't it.

    Overall I prefer the first two games, this one is trying really hard to make me not like it, in spite of my affection for the series. Nice as weapon customisation is, universal ammo is the spawn of Satan and destroys diversity. It allows one weapon to be a be-all-end-all for every role, without the need to ever switch.

    The most practical weapon I've found so far is the high damage assault rifle up top (military engine + rail accelerator or something) with a force gun underneath (default plasma). Fill it to the brim with damage + clip upgrades and it serves every situation. The rate of fire combined with high accuracy and damage makes the primary a good killer for anything, while the force gun is the perfect "oh shit" space clearer. On a second playthrough now, I've swapped out the force gun for a grenade launcher, slightly more limited use, but more fun.

    In my other slot I alternate between a good old Contact beam, impractical but fun, and an exploding harpoon gun.

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    Ah, thanks for the tip.

    There's no one weapon I love, not like I loved the supercollider and flamethrower in DS2. Having to scrounge ammo to keep them fed, and scrounge nodes to get them fully upgraded made them feel more like things I'd built than the ones I've actually built in this game. Except for the plasma cutter, the weapons in this chapter just feel... less solid.

    Still, I'm getting a lot of use out of a burst-fire pulse cannon and flamethrower combo with scope and stasis attachments. Few get near; they get fried. Electrified shotty's pretty fun too. Now that I've got resources to spare I'm curious about the bolas gun, I'm just having a hard time seeing how it'd be practical.

    an exploding harpoon gun
    Why have I not tried this
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