Mate of mine blew-up his PC last week and wants a new one - budget is, however, tight.

All that's salvageable from his old PC is the HDD/DVDR - the psu/board are knackered and the memory in the board is DDR2 so...

He asked what I could find for 250 - I said 'not a gaming PC' - so he disappeared for an hour and then emailled me this

My first reaction was 'you need cash for a GPU' but the figures on that APU actually seem quite decent - it actually gets 60% MORE on 3DMark 11 than my PC does - it should play most things at a sensible res/settings!?!?

My next reaction was 'the PSU will be crap - the HDD will be an offbrand and so on" - but the HDD doesn't really matter, he could even delete it, and I think a PSU swap is within his powers (building a whole PC isn't)

Assuming it comes with the mobo shown, that gets decent reviews tho and seems to have most of what you'd need.

The casing is a bit nasty but there are other options and he has his existing case which is OK if he feels brave enough (or I get bored enough) to swap it over.

Only other downside I can see is lack of upgrade options (maybe an A10?) - but he's not likely to do that anyway - even 4Gb is probably 'enough' memory (tho if it's one stick, that's no dual-channel?)

Anyone care to rip that to bits and/or find something 'better' for not much more cash (no component lists tho - he can't build it and I can't be bothered!)??