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    Don't know about the wider tactical issues, but the communication issue has been brought up before (regarding the StratGir setup) and the suggestion seemed to be that SLs need to be on the ball communicating everything to the masses.

    But regarding slow sunderer pickups/ movements, I have been feeling for a while that when people are too slow moving on, they should just get left behind. It seems like a waste of time waiting for several minutes to move on due to a couple of missing people. Give everyone 30 secs / a minute to get in then anyone not responding (ie telling you that they are on their way) can just find their own way there. It's pretty easy to deploy on SL or pull a flash if you are forced. So long as doing this didn't split the group completely it would speed things up and serve as an incentive to move out when asked.

    (edit for clarity: I'm not talking about no holds barred super serious strictness at all times, but more for those times when one person missing from each squad ends up holding the entire platoon back for minutes)
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