On StratGir nights, I think things generally work quite well.
The hardest bit is for squad leads to get used to tuning in to the key voices. I'm not bad, others are better (and when I need to, I just ask for a repeat). The option to mute my squad for a few seconds would be great, but mumble doesn't have it, so . Some squad leads however seem to really struggle to communicate with both sides at once.
I don't think yelling at your squad to shut up is good though - the information they are communicating to each other is often very valuable. Of course, telling them to listen to you and do things NOW is often necessary,

One thing I will say is that I don't care how strategically useful it is, I don't want to ghost cap more than the minimum necessary. I play the game to get involved in fights, not to avoid them. I especially don't want to be sent out to ghost cap in such a small team that if there is a fight, we can never win. (On of Quanta's earlier nights had a big issue with this in Indar near the TR gate. A single squad would be sent to cap a base, would take it, and would then get spawn camped by enemy air and armour, while the other squad who'd be sent to cap were complaining of the same thing. What we'd actually needed was one squad to cap, the other to provide cover). There's a fine line here, because there's also no point in getting bogged down going nowhere. But I think it is one that, on balance across a night, can be walked. (Obviously sometimes you will get facestomped by the zerg, sometimes the enemy will have vanished by the time you arrive).