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    The Third Battle of Iyo (cont.)

    Cavalry meet head-to-head

    On the left flank, my sole cavalry unit engaged Ozu cavalry and managed to route them, but not without losing about half of their strength. In control of that flank, my cavalry then proceeded to run down routed Ozu infantry that had broken after the bombardment and initial stages of the battle.

    The rest of the Ozu cavalry went around my right flank, where the only mounted soldiers I had was General Sakamoto's unit. Heavily outnumbered by rival cavalry, Sakamoto fought fiercely to hold the line but was ultimately overcome. The yari kachi I had held in reserve could not reach him in time to save him: Sakamoto died fighting the enemy, as a good soldier of the Empire must.

    Yari kachi reach the general too late to save him

    The Ozu are eventually routed, but there is no rest for the wicked as I continued to shell them even as they fled the field. The day was won, and all that was left to do is mop up the few survivors and march back into the city, triumphant once again. This time the Ozu shall remain just a dark chapter in the history of the empire.

    A nearby village provides no respite for broken enemies

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